Real Estate Law & Mortgages


The Law Offices of Richard Mark Blank offers legal services for both commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation. We represent:

    • Corporations
    • Associations
    • Developers
    • Real Estate Brokerages
    • Landlords
    • Mortgage Banks
    • Individual Buyers and Sellers
    • Non-Profit Organizations

The process of buying and selling real estate is complicated and always changing. Legal documents must constantly reflect the latest legislative requirements and are far from intuitive. It is more important than ever to have legal representation qualified for the specific transaction at hand. Whether your deal involves a residential Co-op or a lengthy negotiation with a government organization we have the right expert for you. Having successfully closed thousands of transactions we have expertise in:

    • Co-ops
    • Condos
    • Houses, Townhouses, Brownstones
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Development
    • Sports Stadiums
    • Property Roll-ups
    • Land Leases
    • Land Licenses
    • Public Land Usage

Our clients include: