Licensing & Intellectual Property Law


Protecting your intellectual property is of the utmost importance in any business. These are often your most valued assets and must be handled with close attention to both business and legal issues. Proper legal guidance must be retained early in the development process or you may inadvertently allow others to steal your assets without ensuring effective recourse. The law offices of Richard Mark Blank offer legal services covering all aspects of intellectual property law and licensing including:

  • Patent (registered patent attorney)
  • Trademark & Trade Dress
  • Copyright
  • Licensing & Merchandising
    • Royalties
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Piracy/Counterfeit Goods & Seizures

Each of these practice sub-categories have unique nuances requiring highly specialized experience. Negotiating the right brand license contracts for example, can greatly expand your sales in the retail market place. With millions of products, brands, images and other intellectual properties available, companies can get lost in the maze of negotiations, strategy development, and defining the right image. In-depth knowledge of industry standard terms, typical practices and licensing history of specific companies, is therefore critical to ensure that the right license is negotiated with all the right clauses to protect our clients’ interests.

Remember, image is the core of all marketing efforts. Your trademarks specifically are your brand and therefore the driving force in building consumer awareness. Filing trademarks, however, is only the beginning. You must ensure qualified legal follow-up to protect and maintain your marks. You must file appropriate patents and copyrights and protect those as well. Trusting one law firm to handle all of these provides a comprehensive approach from conceptualizing through licensing, manufacture, and distribution.

Over the decades working in licensing, intellectual property management, and intellectual property law, Richard Mark Blank has successfully negotiated licenses with or represented many clients and products including: